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The Devon Alliance for International Recruitment are a not-for-profit team working collaboratively across the Health & Social Care sector to ethically recruit high quality Nurses, AHPS, Care Workers, Bio-medical Scientists and Doctors from overseas. Our integrated approach means that we recruit for Private and Public Sector Healthcare organisations, managing the entire process for our clients. Our team consists of health professionals and recruitment and marketing specialists, who are experienced in recruiting internationally, understand local markets and immigration processes.

We pride ourselves on our ethical approach, adhering to the Code Of Practice for International Recruitment, meaning we only recruit from Green List Countries and ensure no recruitment costs are passed to applicants: Code of Practice red and amber list of countries | NHS Employers Our experience both in volume and bespoke specialist recruitment means we work efficiently, keeping costs low and quality high.

Contact us at: for an initial meeting and quote, and engage with us to benefit from the following service:

  • Initial meeting to understand your specific needs
  • Global attraction campaign
  • CV screening
  • Virtual and face to face Interview Panels
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Support with Sponsorship and Home Office SMS
  • Flight booking and airport transfers
  • Full pastoral package
  • Regular update meetings throughout

We started working with the Devon Alliance back in 2021 with the first nurse arriving in July 2021. Since then, we have onboarded over 330 nurses for our Eastern sites and over 100 for our Northern ones. We have also collaborated with the Devon Alliance on a couple of other projects, one for AHPs (Radiographers and Occupational Therapists) and a small group of midwives.

The team we worked with have been fabulous in responding to our requests, with good communication. We knew that we could rely on someone to pick up our phone calls, answer our emails or respond to the millions of Teams’ messages. It has been a pleasure in working with the team.

Alex Mototolea
Recruitment Manager
Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have worked collaboratively with the Devon Alliance for International Recruitment (One Devon) provider over the last few years, to welcome International Registered Nurses, to the South Devon area.

We are delighted to welcome our International colleagues to the Hospital Trust and we know that they will make a huge difference to our patients and staff. Working closely has supported the Trust with both the recruitment and retention workforce strategies and we will continue to develop and work to seek opportunities. The Devon Alliance for International Recruitment have provided a great working relationship with the Trust and there are many benefits, of which we are assured that this will continue.

Tracy Beck
Head of Nursing Workforce (Interim)
Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Devon Alliance were so friendly, transparent and prompt. When we met with them to discuss our needs, they were quick to act and supply us with great quality nurses. They helped us recruit and onboard 40 nurses. Without Devon Alliance topping up the monthly cohorts the target would not have been met.

Devon Alliance provided ongoing support and bi-weekly catch ups were in place to keep on top of the recruitment pipeline, raise any issues and discuss any further recruitment requests. These meetings became some of UHBW’s favourites as the team were always so kind, so friendly and so easy to talk to (all whilst providing us with great quality nurses!) They were a key supporting pillar to UHBW achieving incredible numbers in 2023, meaning that now UHBW are over recruited in a lot of areas throughout the Trust. Thank you, Devon Alliance!

Hannah Parker
Workforce Project Manager | People Solutions
NHS South, Central and West 

International Recruitment through the Devon Alliance was our introduction to this new world of recruitment, presenting us with a way to incorporating international talent into our staff team. Working alongside the Devon Alliance isn’t just easy, it also provides peace of mind knowing that every individual has been recruited ethically.

Ethical recruitment ensures that those joining us get the best start to their new lives in the UK, free from the burdens of debt that can arise from exploitative recruitment practices. Our international colleagues have been an incredible addition, not just for their reliability, exceptional work ethic, and utmost professionalism, but also because they embody the values we hold dear. We feel incredibly thankful for their contributions and are proud to have them with us, knowing they have arrived here under the fairest and most supportive conditions possible, enhancing our company in countless ways.

John Powell
Unicare Devon

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