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We recruit for the following hospitals and healthcare services.
Many of our hospitals are teaching centres, where we train junior doctors as well as nurses and therapists.

Nursing in the UK

Our dedicated, expert teams work across the whole range of clinical specialties from hospital emergency services, care of the elderly, mental health services and community nursing.

We will welcome and support you from day one, and give you plenty of opportunities to develop new skills and work in different settings, so that you gain experience and confidence.

We will provide concentrated OSCE program training and ongoing career progression.

Starting salary will be at the top end of a Band 4 (£27,596) until you have passed your OSCE. The Band 5 range is £28,407 – £34,581 depending on your nursing experience. We will recognise 50% of your nursing experience outside of the NHS.

Our Offer

We will provide all the support you need to travel to the UK with your family, where you will be well paid for your skills and experience, and enjoy living in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Benefits include:

  • Paid flight to the UK
  • Welcome package, including airport transfers, bank accounts, phone cards and food vouchers
  • Support with applying for a visa for your family to join you in the UK
  • Paid accommodation for your first two months with us
  • Free healthcare  and schooling
  • Repayment for some essential expenses incurred before your travel, such as exams and registration fees
  • Clinical exam fees (OSCE) paid
  • The opportunity to work paid overtime/ extra hours

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