Working in Care

The Devon Alliance are recruiting Carers and Seniors Carers to work in Care and Nursing Homes, Domiciliary Care and Supported Living across Devon.

Care / Nursing Homes:

The homes are predominantly residential homes for the elderly and are 24 hour, 7 days a week services.  We work on behalf of many different homes – some small 10 bed private homes in the countryside, others are larger city-centre services. The role of the carer is such an important one, and your day to day duties will include:

  • Providing personal care to residents;
  • Serving meals in the dining area or resident’s rooms, and feeding those who need assistance;
  • Providing meaningful activities for residents – exercise, games; gardening, cooking, singing, etc.
  • Taking residents out into the local community – shopping, memory cafes, walking in the park;
  • Assisting less able residents getting up in the morning, and going to bed;
  • Updating care plan

Domiciliary Care:

Domiciliary Care or Home Care is the range of services put in place to support people in their own homes. Individuals may need support with day to day tasks, such as personal care, dressing, cooking, shopping or any other activity that allows them to maintain the independence to stay in their own home, and a better quality of life.

As a domiciliary carer you will visit several people a day in their own home. You may be required to drive between clients homes, or walk and take public transport in more urban areas. In addition to physical and medical assistance, you will also need to show care for your clients by interacting and listening to them. You should be respectful, friendly, flexible, communicative, reliable and empathetic in the delivering the following:

  • Personal Care
  • Mediciation administration
  • Household tasks
  • Cooking & shopping
  • Companionship

Supported Living:

Supported Living services allow people with a disability to live independently in their own home with the support of carers to help manage the challenges, and enable greater freedom and an enhanced quality of life. Supported Living carers will be require to be flexible as needs change – so some clients may require a short visit once or twice a week, while others longer visits, day or night. Supported Living services include:

  • Personal Care
  • Help with household chores
  • Assistance with running a home – bills, budgeting, etc
  • Shopping, cooking and making healthy lifestyle choice
  • Leisure – getting out and about in the community
  • Education and Employment

The One Devon Offer:

The Devon Alliance will provide all the support you need to travel to the UK with your family, where you will be well paid for your skills and experience, and enjoy living in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Benefits include:

  • 3 year sponsorship
  • Paid flight to the UK
  • Welcome package, including airport transfers
  • Pastoral support including pre-arrival meetings and a copy of our Pastoral Passport
  • Support with applying for a visa for your family to join you in the UK
  • Paid accommodation for your first two months with us
  • Free healthcare  and schooling
  • Repayment for some essential expenses incurred before your travel, such as exams and registration fees
  • The opportunity to work paid overtime/ extra hours

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