Carly Boyce

My name is Carly Boyce and I am the Transition Lead Nurse and Deputy Workforce Lead for the Devon Alliance. I qualified as a nurse in 2000 and have worked in different roles in the NSH, including the acute hospital setting as a ward manager along with community and specialist nursing roles.

My most recent post prior to this was that of a Clinical Matron in the acute setting which included education and international recruitment within my portfolio. Within my career I have had the opportunity to both lead and contribute to the nursing workforce agenda both nationally and locally and being able to directly model the future workforce including international recruitment has been both inspirational and completely fulfilling! I absolutely advocate working in the NSH and the opportunities it offers, having just completed my masters in Healthcare Leadership I can say hand on heart that development and progression is encouraged all the time.

I am incredibly lucky to of worked closely with the international nursing workforce for the last 6 years including working through the pandemic and have witnessed the courage and sacrifices that were made. My nursing colleagues inspire me every day to lead with compassion and integrity and I would not change a thing.

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